About YOU

What Do I Do NOW?  

Your life was fine.  You were coasting along smoothly.  You knew what to expect.  You understood your role.  Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but at least on some level,  it was working for you.

Then suddenly, everything changed.

Maybe an important relationship ended.  Maybe you retired.  Maybe you lost someone close.  Maybe the kids grew up and left home.  Maybe there was an accident or illness.

But whatever was working for you before?  It’s gone.  You know you can’t go back, but you have no idea how to move forward.  You had so much of yourself wrapped up in that old life, and now, you’re struggling to understand who you really are.  

You need to make decisions, NOW.  You’re completely overwhelmed.  Deciding what to have for dinner is enough of a struggle.  How are you supposed to decide on all the big, important things?  

You’ve stopped. And life?  It’s  snowballing.  Every little problem is getting bigger and bigger.  And the desperation is building.  Everybody has advice, and they’re all frustrated that you aren’t taking it.  But nobody really ‘gets’ it, because they haven’t been there.

Hi, I’m Sandra, and I completely understand how major life changes can shatter your sense of identity, and leave you mentally and emotionally paralyzed.  I help women who are struggling with this, to redefine themselves so they can figure out what they want and move forward with their lives.  Yep, I’m a Life Coach!  

And because I have SO been there, I’m here to tell you there is a way out! You CAN have a life you love!  A life of freedom, choice, happiness, and fulfillment!  A life that feels authentic!  A life designed specifically for exactly who you are!  

Not sure who that is yet?  Then you’re in the right place!  YOU, the real you, the one you’ve spent your whole life looking for, is the ultimate treasure, and I can’t wait to help you find it! 

You can learn more about me and my story here, and if you’re ready, I would love to hear all about yours too!