'Your Self-Guided Solo Retreat!'

Feeling lost?  Like you don’t know who you are or what you want?  Like the lines are so blurred that you’re not sure where others end and you begin?

Sometimes, you just need to get away!

Spend some time where nobody knows you, or has any expectations of you.

Get some time alone to just think.

Dig through the rubble and decide what’s worth keeping, and what you’re better off without.

Try some new things, and decide how you feel about them.

Ask yourself those questions that will help you figure out where YOU are.

Determine which direction feels right for you.

And make a solid plan for living a life of YOUR choice!

‘Your Self-Guided Solo Retreat’ helps you plan and prepare for your weekend getaway by giving you:

  • A listing of reservation information for cabins in State Parks all over the US
  • A comprehensive list of things to bring along and things to consider
  • And a guide for talking to family and friends about your getaway

Most importantly, it focuses on a step-by-step coaching process that uses various activities and tactics to help you get the most out of your retreat.

  • You’ll take a look at the past, and see how it affects the decisions you’ve made thus far.
  • You’ll decide which parts of it you want to carry forward, and which parts are not helping you.
  • You’ll work on forgiving others, and yourself, so that you can take back your power to move forward.
  • You’ll take a look at where you are now, and decide which values are most important to you, so that you can use them as a guide for making decisions.
  • You’ll try on some different things, to learn about yourself, and practice deciding what you like and don’t like, and why.
  • And you’ll come up with a picture of what you want your life to look like, and a plan for getting there.

This is based on the same process I use in my one-on-one coaching packages, which start at $497.  Get your guide today for the introductory price of $67, and start living a life you love!

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